Preserving St. Pete

Darden understands that preserving St. Pete’s historic buildings and features gives our city its special character, creates more livable communities, and connects us to our past. That’s why she received the President’s Award from Preserve the ‘Burg.

When she’s elected, Darden will work to improve the preservation process in our city to help balance growth with the need to protect what makes St. Pete so remarkable.

Support Local, Shop Local

St. Pete’s local small businesses form the fabric of what makes the city special. Darden has been meeting with local small business owners throughout the campaign to learn more about what the city can do better to help them thrive.

As Mayor, Darden will continually seek the input of these important stakeholders, seek innovative parking solutions, streamline the permitting process, expand corridors to make rent more affordable, and more.

The Freedom to Vote

Darden knows that nothing is more important than the freedom to vote, and She has been working on this issue since she was the President of the League of Women Voters for the St. Pete Area.

As a City Councilmember, Darden sponsored a resolution standing up to the attacks on voting rights in the Florida Legislature, and she will advocate for same-day registration and increased access to early voting as Mayor.

Affordable Housing

Darden believes that everyone in St. Petersburg deserves a safe, affordable place to live. She led City Council’s effort to secure $15 million for affordable housing initiatives and has been an outspoken advocate for Complete Neighborhoods.

As Mayor, Darden will provide focused leadership on this issue, and utilize all the tools in the City’s toolbelt to make sure we aren’t pricing people out of St. Pete.